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Keep Up with my #DevMomLife 😅

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I'm On YouTube! 🎙️

I will be sharing walkthroughs of how I build features and solve coding issues.

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Arit and her two children

My Ask-Me-Anything Session with CareerKarma

When Timur Meyster, of Career Karma, asked to host an Ask-Me-Anything with their squads, it was a most humbling moment...

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Forem Issue Walkthrough

I created a walkthrough video that shows my troubleshooting process when tackling coding issues at work.

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365 Days a Dev: A Review

Some days I can hardly believe it: I have been working as a developer for more than a year! 😱

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When CSS beat Javascript

As a bootcamp-educated developer, I would always feel the pressure to quickly level up to the 'higher' programming languages, and 'graduate' from HTML and CSS.

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How To Ask Someone To Be Your Mentor

Defining the specific outcomes you seek allows your mentor to be more focused and intentional with what they bring to your relationship.

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GitHub Mistakes That New Devs Make

In recent weeks, several developers hunting for their first dev job have asked me to review their resumes and/or portfolios...

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Simpler is Better, if it gets the job done

Today at work, my teammate reviewed the following code I had written...

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(Don't) Always Trust Your Inner Critic

Overcoming my negative self-talk has been the hardest part of being a second-career developer.

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Working-From-Home with a Sick Child

I'm grateful for the freedom to work at home when my infant is sick, but I don't particularly look forward to it.

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