Finally! I’m over the paralysis of writing my first blog post, thanks to my fellow Firehose Project classmates. While reading their blog posts, I realized that mine needn’t be a thesis-level exposition lol! So, having relaxed and taken a deep breath…

My Journey Into Web Development

  1. Pre-med biology major
  2. Dropped pre-med; kept Bio; dabbled in Wordpress
  3. Public-health postgrad
  4. Public-health researcher; Wordpress side-hustle
  5. Married & a baby in the same year  💒 👶🏽 😩
  6. Let go from researcher job
  7. Wordpress freelancing (mostly)
  8. Baby #2!  🍼
  9. Self-learning HTML, CSS & JS 👩🏽‍💻
  10. Completed several web-dev mini-bootcamps
  11. Decided on and began The Firehose Project

That’s my story, in a nutshell :) The moments I consider significant appear in bold italics. Non-linear to be sure, and terrifying at times. I’m a career-switching mother-of-two in the process of becoming a developer.