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(Don't) Always Trust Your Inner Critic

I am six months into my first dev job, and have had some time to reflect on my experience so far. I don’t think I have ever been this in-tune with and plugged-in to a job; I think it ...

Aug 20 2019

Working-From-Home with a Sick Child

I’m about 5 months into my first job as a developer. Officially, we do not have standard work-from-home days; however, we are allowed to work-from-home due to unplanned and unavoidabl...

Jul 15 2019

No More 'New To Opensource' Excuses!

As a newly-minted coding bootcamp grad, I was terrified of opensource. During bootcamp, I had tried to configure dev environments for several well-known opensource projects, but that ...

Jul 07 2019

Asking For Help Without Seeming Lazy

One thing I enjoy in my first-ever dev role is the opportunity to learn from the brightest minds and expand my developer skillset. Encountering coding roadblocks and known-unknowns is...

Apr 26 2019

The Non-Cliche Guide To Breaking Into Tech

It took 196 days from the day I completed my online coding bootcamp, to the day I received the letter offering me a Software Engineering position at a large Virginia-based company.

Feb 07 2019

The Blessing of Rejection: Growing Past the 'No'

I feel almost guilty to admit that it’s taken me just shy of 3 weeks to write this post. If you’ve followed my developer journey so far, you’ve read about my coding challenges and tri...

Sep 18 2018

Lessons In Agility: My First Dev Team Project

I recently wrapped up at The Firehose Project. 🎉 With 3 other remote developers, I built a chess application on Rails (with some JavaScript) using Agile Development principles. The 7-...

Sep 03 2018

No Longer The Lone (Coding) Wolf...

I recently started the phase of my bootcamp where students tackle building a complex web application — a chess game — as part of an Agile Development Team.

May 21 2018

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My Journey Into Tech

When I look back how I pivoted into software engineering, I think: 'I must have been mad!' 😂